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301 There is much confustion about the actual date Audley M. Harrison died, however 11/30/1852 was confirmed by a photograph of his tombstone.

1. 11/30/1859 Eugene Wiseman said his toumbstone in Shellsford Cemetary, Warren County, Tennessee says Audley died November 30, 1859.

2. 11/30/1852 Eugene also states the will was signed on November 28, 1852 and was probated on December 6, 1852. He would have signed his will just before he died.
This researcher has only seen retyped copies of the document and will have to check the original.
*Will signed 11/28/1852 confirmed from copy of original in Wiseman book on 11/3/2006.

3. 11/30/1852 Warren County, Tennessee, Chancery Court Minute Book 3, page 97, which deals with the settlement of the estate of Richmond McGregor, indicates Audley died November 30, 1852. This researcher has only see retyped copies of the document and will have to check the original.

4. Bef. 3/28/1853 Warren County, Tennessee, Chancery Court Minute Book 1 (1847-1854), Page 484-486, which deals with the settlement of Audley Harrison's estate, indicates the court case was heard on March 28, 1853 and was agreed to and signed on December 20, 1853. Eugene Wiseman says the case was heard March 28, 1854 not 1853. Audley would have to have died before the case was heard. This date would have been just 4 months after Audley's death if he died 11/30/1852.

This researcher has only seen retyped copies of the document and will have to check the original.

Chancery Court Records, Book 1 (1847-1854), Page 484-486
George Harrison, Administrator of the Estate of Audley Harrison, Deceased
Joseph Harrison and others 
Harrison, Audley M. Sr. (I457)
302 This information is NOT correct and has been proven by the original pension records I received from the Texas Secretary of State. It is being corrected in the DAR records with my application, which is the only way DAR will make changes or corrections to records. - Sandra Harrison Harrison, Audley M. Jr. (I272)
303 This researcher found the years of 1864 and 1865 for the years of Charles' birth date. Several of his grandchildren searched their records and found the birth year of 1865 was on many documents including his funeral program, census and Civil War records and the confusion of the date came from the year 1864 being on his tombstone which was made by family in later generations and a mistake.

Quote from Pamela Ruth Hennessee regarding a family photo of Charles, Ella Belle and their four oldest children taken about 1901 based on the age of the baby in the photo, when asked where the photo was taken. "Grandpa died in 1920 and is buried in Marlow, that is where they lived when Big Mama (Gladys the baby) married in 1919. I don't know when or where but Grandpa lost a foot and he was not well after that There was a bad snow storm, the family was with out food and he walked a long ways to get supplies, when he got back he was very frostbite causing the lost of his foot."

Quote from Peggy Farrar "Mother (Thelma Caroline Farrar) told me he had been digging fence post and a blister developed on one of his feet. He was diabetic and had problems with the blister healing. Gang-green set in shortly afterwards and his leg had to be removed. He died a few days later." 
Farrar, Charles Nathaniel (I1238)
304 This researcher had William's name listed as W J Cotton which came from the Rodgers' family records. I added the name William during an interview with Joni Rodgers. Cotton, W. J. (I116)
305 This researcher has found no other reference of James Hennessee and Jane McGee having a son by this name, other than Wiseman Family and Allied Lines. It states James Jr. was born on 3 Nov 1846 but he is not listed in his father's will dated 7 Mar 1848, just two years after his birth. I do not know if he was possibly a grandchild living whith them during a census or where the name came from as it is not referenced in the Wiseman book. Jane would have been about 50 years old when she gave birth and James would have been 80 years old.

Until I find further information, I am going to assume this is not James Hennessee and Jane McGee's son. 
Hennessee, James Jr. (I238)
306 This researcher only had the last name of Martin for several years. Name of Charles Martin was found on a Christmas card address list belonging to Fonda Woods Bonner. Martin, Charles (I58)
307 This researcher originally had Edna's birthdate as 14 June 1892. It was brought to my attention by Billie Harris Luse that the date was wrong. I double checked the Census and corrected it to 18 Jun 1897. Howeth, Edna (I1129)
308 This researcher originally had his name spelled Authur and a source of Laura Harrison's obituary. After meeting with Carol Land, his great granddaughter, the spelling was changed to Arthur as per census records for 1900 and 1930. Wheeler, Arthur (I281)
309 This writer was unable to find any documents showing John as the father of Elizabeth Grove, although several published genealogy reports indicate John as her father. All of these published reports are missing any other information about Elizabeth's parents or ancestors. If John was Elizabeth's father it would still be a guess about where he came from.

Located were three Census reports for John Grove.

1820 Census Warren County, Tennessee shows a John Grove who would have been the right age 26 - 45. It states the following people in the John Grove home: 1 female 26 - 45 (probably his wife) 2 males under 10, 1 male 10 - 16, and 3 females 10 - 16 (Elizabeth was 16). This Census also indicates John Grove was engaged in agriculture.

1830 Census Warren County, Tennessee shows a John Grove who would have been the right age 50 - 60. It states the following people in the John Grove home: 1 female 50 - 60 (probably his wife) 1 male 20 - 30 and 1 male 10 - 15. Since Elizabeth and Audley married and had children in Warren County, this John Grove could have been Elizabeth's father.

1840 Census Warren County, Tennessee shows a John Grove but he is only 30 - 40 years old.
This could not have been Elizabeth's father. Elizabeth would have been 36 in 1840 as indicated on other Census reports. This John Grove would have been the right age to be a brother. It is interesting that this Census shows George and Joseph Harrison, who were Elizabeth's brother-in-laws and sons of Thomas S. Harrison Sr. Their information is just a few lines from John Grove and were probably neighbors. If the John Grove from the 1820 and 1830 Census reports was Elizabeth's father he could have passed away by this 1840 Census being 60 - 70 years of age.
Grove, John Sr. (I527)
310 Tom said he and all of his brother's and sister's were born in Dallas County, Texas and he went to grade school in Richardson, Texas. After his mother Barbara passed away in 1941, all of the children went to live with his Conley grand parents. He couldn't remember both their names but he thought his grand father was Matt Conley. Hennessee, Thomas M (I362)
311 Tomb stone shows: Private First Class, 47 invantry, 4 division WWI Glasgow, Jacob Nash (I923)
312 Virginia Hennessee Laurence and her husband, James P Laurence, are buried at Pecan Cemetery, just to the North of thier son, William Ezekiel "Zeke" and his wife Jennie Grove Laurence. The tombstones are only marked "Laurence". Hennessee, Virginia A (I1089)
313 Warren Lee died in infancy. Argo, Warren Lee (I218)
314 When Elvira's parents died in 1868, she went to live with her uncle Archibald Hugh Hennessee, as the 1870 Census for Warren County, Tennessee shows her living there when she was just 7 years old. It also shows Elvira was attending school. Hennessee, Elvira (I1300)
315 When Mary's parents died in 1868, she went to live with her uncle Archibald Hugh Hennessee, as the 1870 Census for Warren County, Tennessee shows her living there when she was just 8 years old. It also shows Mary was attending school. Hennessee, Mary (I1330)
316 When Philander's parents died in 1868, he went to live with his uncle Archibald Hugh Hennessee, as the 1870 Census for Warren County, Tennessee shows him living there when he was just 12 years old. It also shows Philander was attending school. Hennessee, Philander L (I1167)
317 While doing research on this Laurence family from Warren County, Tennessee, this researcher found in The Warren County Story by Eugene Wiseman, researcher Mary Elizabeth Barnes, that James fought in the Civil War in Company E of the Warren County 16th Regiment. More research needs to be done on this and his original service record downloaded from the National Archives.

There is also a Newton Laurence mentioned in the book who married a Martin who lived at Harrison Ferry Mountain which was owned by Audley Harrison. Audley Harrison's grandson, Alph, married James Laurence's granddaughter two generations later and they moved to Lawrence Township, Oklahoma.

I will contact Mary Elizabeth Barnes and request that she send me her research on the Laurence and Grove families.

Laurence, James P (I1091)
318 While I was doing research for this book, I visited house by house asking questions and looking through photo albums. When I got to the photo albums belonging to Viola, I learned that she kept family record books and scrap books of every card or letter she had ever gotten. She even kept the little cards that came with flowers, boxed valentines cards she had gotten from children, newspaper articles about family, funeral cards and wedding invitations. What a wonderful things she kept. It was easy to see, how much she cared about her family, nieces, nephews and cousins. Harrison, Laura Viola (I265)
319 While reading through the original hand written Revolutionary War records of Grayson?s Regiment for Thomas S Harrison Sr, I found it unusual that no one had ever mentioned any other family member fighting with him. I looked through all 1,000+ pages and found there was another Harrison in Grayson?s Regiment. His name was John Harrison and he enlisted on 10 Mar 1777 as a Private, just 20 days prior to Thomas enlisting. We may never know who this John Harrison was because he died in the War just two months later on 16 May 1777. I know the date is correct because it is hand written on the original July Muster Roll.

I did a search online for this John Harrison and the date of death and came up with not one single person fitting this date. I searched DAR and found not one single person fitting this date or Regiment.

It is possible he did not have any children. It is possible he had young children who were adopted by another man after his death. It is possible he is a relative of Thomas. It is possible he died so young that there were no other records of him. Unfortunately we may never know who this John Harrison was.
Harrison, Unknown Ancestor (I1442)
320 Who was the father of Thomas S Harrison Sr?

It might be easier to answer, who is NOT the father of Thomas S Harrison Sr? This researcher has seen many documents and heard many theories on this subject but seen nothing conclusive as of yet. However, in order to keep the information organized and rule out who was NOT his father and hopefully someday find out who his father was, I have decided to start adding the information here and attach documents to the person I will add as "Unknown Ancestor Harrison". This way we can stop going over the same pieces of documentation just to realize this a Harrison we have already ruled out.

Harrison, Unknown Ancestor (I1442)
321 Wife's information is on joint headstone. Hennessee, Paul Bernice (I1061)
322 William (Bill) Harrison's middle name is Alphous. This name came from his father's brother's name George Alph Harrison and his father's middle name Ulysses Adolphus (Liss) Harrison.

Bill and Wilma's marriage was witnessed by Wilma Lemons Carlson and the ministers wife.

Burial lot 55 B reserved at Pecan Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Harrison, William Alphous (I257)
323 William Asbury, Jr and William Asbury, Sr. are both listed on the 1802 Tazewell County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List. The last name of Asbury is listed as "Asberry" on that Tax List. Asbury, William (I112)
324 William was buried at his home place near Irving College, Tennessee. Hayes, William M Sr (I1404)
325 Wiseman book indicates wedding day as 14th, ancestry.com Tennessee Marriage Index indicates 13th. Will order Warren County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1852 - 1900 to verify this information. Family F133
326 Wiseman Family and Allied Lines (Eugene Wiseman, 1991), Page 320 states John was called Jr. but was actually John Bybee III. This is proven to be incorrect by DAR as John's son was John Bybee III.

DAR #A017929
John Bybee Jr fought in the American Revolution as a private in two Regiments from Virginia, the 15th Regiment in Captain William Grimes' Company and the 11th Regiment in Captain David Mason's Company. NARA, M881, Compiled Military Service Records, Roll #987. These were probably consolidated Regiments, but I will have to do some research on it to make sure.
Bybee, John Jr (I236)
327 Wiseman Family and Allied Lines (Eugene Wiseman, 1991), Page 320 states, The Bybee (Bibby) family comes from Coppull, Standish Parish, Lancaster County, England. English records show the following of that name through the history of that parish from as early as 1280. There we find William Bibby (1280-1340, Henry Bibby (1300-1365), Nicholas Bibby (1420-1479), Thomas Bibby (1545-1625), and William Bibby (1598-1637). Old Lancaster records show a "George Byby" (Bibby) of Coppull married Jenet Heworth on 4May 1621. Contained in the records of Lancaster County are the following wills: James Bibby of Coppull (1677), William Bibby of Worthington (1688), John Bibby of Coppull (1689), Matthew Bibby of Worthington (1757), William Bibby of Worthington (1759). A John Bibby of Liverpool, Lancaster County whose will was dated 1808, was a very prominent ship owner. His fleet of more than a dozen ships, was one of the most prosperous engaged in English coastal trade. His biographer chained his descent from the Coppull, Standish Parish, Bibbys.

Eastern Shore where William died is not a town, he actually died on the eastern shores of Virginia. He migrated to Virginia on the ship called "Swan", landed and settled at Accomack Plantation on June 1620. His wife Mary, whom he married before leaving England did not join him until the spring of 1636. Mary arrived on the ship "Margaret and John". Their son Edmond, born in 1637 was no doubt named for Sir Edmund Scarborough, with whom William Bibby was associated. William died on his oriinal 400 acre farm which was located on the lower peninsula, next to the farm of Captain William Epp, with whom he had been long associated with. 
Bibby, William (I1219)
328 Wiseman Family and Allied Lines by Eugene Wiseman, page 383 states the Will of John Jones in Botetourt County, Virginia "Hannah, wife of Thomas Harrison" is listed as one of the heirs. Jones, Reverand John (I466)
329 Wiseman Family and Allied Lines, by Eugene Wiseman, page 390 states, before 1820 Samuel Harrison moved from Tazewell County, Virginia to Warren County, Tennessee where on 9 July 1825 Samuel gave power of attorney to Audley Harrison, Sr. to "all rights to inheritance from my father Thomas Harrison, late of Tazewell County". This is listed in Tazewell County Deed Book 4, page 35.

Samuel Harrison is listed in the 1820 Census of Warren County, Tennessee with 2 males under 10 years old, 1 male 10 - 16, 2 females under 10 and 1 female 20 - 16. Samuel and his wife were ages 26 - 45 years old. The Census indicates Samuel was engaged in Agriculture and had no slaves.

Samuel Harrison is listed in the 1830 Census of Warren County, Tennessee with two males under 5 years old, 1 male 5 to 10 years old, 1 male 10 to 15 years old, 1 male 15 to 20 years old, 1 female 10 to 15 years old, and 1 female 20 to 30 years old. Samuel and his wife were ages 40 to 50 years old.

Samuel must have died before 1840 because the 1840 Census in Warren County 1st District, Tennessee indicates Agnes and the children are living alone.

Harrison, Samuel (I525)
330 Wiseman Family and Allied Lines, page 471, states Thomas and Elanor's children who were living in 1872 are listed in the Warren County, Tennessee Enrolling Book 1 (1870-1872), page 276, in the case of Hays vs Hays, as heirs of William Hays, dec'd. Philander is incorrectly listed as a minor in the case.
Hennessee, William Thomas (I687)
331 Wiseman Family book states her name is spelled ELLENOR on page 512. Hayes, Eleanor Nellie (I1166)
332 Wiseman Family book states James' birth year was 1838. Laurence, James P (I1091)
333 Wiseman Family book states Luther "died young" on page 512. Hayes, Luther (I1471)
334 Wiseman Family book states William was born in 1815 on page 414 and he was born in 1813 on page 512. I will have to look at more research to find the exact year. Hayes, William M Jr (I598)
335 WWI Draft Registration Card indicates Earnest was about 26 and single. Fields, Earnest Howard (I887)

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