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51 1920 Census indicates Dan was married and he and his wife Gladys were living with Dan's parents, George and Mattie. It also indicates he was 22 years old, born in Texas and he could read and write.

Laura Viola (Harrison) Rodgers Family Record: The Harrison Quartet with Bill, Leon, Archie and Buster Harrison sang at Dan's funeral.

Donald George Harrison, Dan's son, indicated that he never heard his father called "Daniel". Several other of Dan's children have indicated the same. The only place this researcher found his name listed as "Daniel" was on the 1910 Census and therefore changed his name to "Dan" in this record. 
Harrison, Dan (I194)
52 1920 Census indicates Edna's father was born in Texas and her mother was born in Alabama. Howeth, Edna (I1129)
53 1920 Census indicates Gladys was George's Daughter-in-law, 16 years old, born in Oklahoma, she could read and write and her parents were born in the U.S. Gladys, (I1156)
54 1930 Census indicates Cassie was living in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 20 years old, was single and could read and write. Harrison, Cassie Belle (I609)
55 1930 Census indicates Charlie was living in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 12 years old, was single, was attending school and could read and write.

Obituary: Services for Charles A. Harrison, 60, of 6107 Cherry, who died at 7:45 a.m. today in a local hospital, are pending with Becker Funeral Home. Mr. Harrison was born Aug. 26, 1916 in Doyle. He had lived in the Lawton area since 1918. He was married to Bertha M. Bradley Oct. 9, 1937 in Lawton. He was a city employee and retired in October, 1974 after 20 years with the sanitation department. Survivors include his wife of the home; three daughters; Mrs. Mattie Carder, Lexington Park, Md., Mrs Carolyn Small, San Diego, Calif., and Mrs. Linda Jantzen, Ackerly, Tex.; two sons: S. Sgt. Robert W. Harrison, Norton Air Force Base, Calif. and Spec. 5 Jim R. Harrison, Wurtzburg, Germany; three sisters; Mrs. Annie Hennessee, and Mrs. Maggie Young, both of Coalinga, Calif.; and Mrs. Cassie Bevis, Santa Clara, Calif.; two brothers, Vollie Harrison, 1011 G and Johnny Harrison, Coalinga, Calif.; and 10 grandchildren. 
Harrison, Charles Arthur (I596)
56 1930 Census indicates George was 82 and living with his son-in-law George Harrison in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma. Woods, George Washington (I1031)
57 1930 Census indicates George was living with his uncle George Harrison in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma, he was 15 years old, single, did not attend school the previous year and could read and write.

Quote By Cassie Belle Harrison: ""I was talking to George about all the fun we used to have. Hazel said I never lost anything in Oklahoma, and George and I said "I don't think they had any fun growing up" and we laughed about it.""
Cassie Belle Harrison to Fonda June Woods Bonner "There were many Georges, we had two. Fonda, your father was known by "Little George" all of his life by three generations. His and my great grandparents were, Isaac Nathan "Nathan" and Mary Brewer...continued on notes for Isaac Nathan Woods and Mary Brewer. 
Woods, George Webster (I1034)
58 1930 Census indicates George's parents were both born in Tennessee and he was not a veteran. Woods, George Washington (I1031)
59 1930 Census indicates Johnny was living in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 16 years old, was single, was attending school and could read and write. Harrison, Johnny (I605)
60 1930 Census indicates Mattie was a housewife and she could read and write.

Obituary: Services for Mrs. Mattie Roxie Harrison, 91, of 1507 S. Fourth, will be at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Pentecostal Holiness Church, 15th and D. Mrs. Harrison died about 5 p.m. Friday in a local hospital following an illness of seven weeks. Rev. Fred Andrews, pastor, will officiate, assisted by Rev. James A. Howeth, a local Baptist minister. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery under direction of Becker Funeral Home. Born Feb. 28, 1876, at Murfreesboro, Tenn., she was married to George W. Harrison, May 12, 1892, at Waxahachie, Tex. Mr. Harrison died in August of 1951. The couple moved to Oklahoma in 1899 and to Lawton in 1920. Mrs. Harrison was a member of the Baptist Church. Survivors include five sons, Dan Harrison, 1513 I; Obie Harrison, 1317 Pennsylvania; Charley Harrison, 2430 E; Volley Harrison, 1507 S. Fourth; and Johnny Harrison, of Lancaster, Calif.; three daughters, Mrs. Annie Hennessee, 1011 G; Mrs. Maggie Young, of Coalinga, Calif.; and Mrs. Cassie Bevis, of Santa Clara, Calif.; a brother Marvin Woods, of Shafter Calif.; two sisters, Mrs. Alice Sosbee, of Harlingen, Tex.; Mrs. Emma Washington, of Marietta, Okla.; 37 grandchildren, 115 great grandchildren and 52 great great grandchildren.
Woods, Mattie Roxie (I192)
61 1930 Census indicates Obie was 23 and living with his father George Harrison in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma. The Census also indicates Obie and Thelma had just gotten married as it shows their current age is the same age as their first marriage, 23 and 19. It also shows Obie could read and write and was not a veteran. Harrison, Obie (I610)
62 1930 Census indicates Opal was living with her uncle George Harrison in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma, she was 13 years old, single, was attending school and could read and write.

Nance Caldwell was Opal's third husband as per Fonda June Woods Bonner's family records. 
Woods, Opal Elzena (I1059)
63 1930 Census indicates Thelma's parents were born in the United States. Farrar, Thelma Caroline (I1127)
64 1930 Census indicates Vollie was living in Lawrence Township, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 8 years old and was attending school.

Laura Viola (Harrison) Rodgers Family Record: The quartet with Bill, Leon, Archie Harrison and Wayne Rodgers sang at Vollie's funeral. 
Harrison, Vollie (I606)
65 1930 Census, Jane's daugher Mattie, indicates her mother was born in Tennessee and Jane's husband George, indicates that he is a widow so Jane died sometime prior to 1930. Templeton, Mary Jane (I1032)
66 1930 Census, Leona's daugher Opal, indicates her mother was born in Oklahoma. Clifton, Leona Bell (I1112)
67 1930 Census, Nathan's daugher Opal, indicates her father was born in Texas. Woods, Isaac Nathan (I1033)
68 1930 United States Federal Census Record for Faxon, Comanche County, Oklahoma indicates George is single and his mother L. T. Glasgow, brother Rylie Glasgow and two cousins (nephews) Oliver and Kermit are living with him.
Glasgow, George Washington (I922)
69 1930 United States Federal Census Record for Faxon, Comanche County, Oklahoma indicates Oliver and Kermit are living with their grandmother L. T. and cousins (Uncles) George and Rylie Glasgow.

Mary Lou Barbe Williams family records: "Oliver was born in Iuka, Mississippi. His parents divorced when he was a small child. His early years they lived with his grandparents. They moved to Faxon, Oklahoma. His mother married Charles Vaughn Barbe and Oliver remained with his grandmother, Mrs. Lou Hale Glasgow."

"He went to live with his mother when he was a teenager. He met and married Miss Illa Alene Boggs on February 15, 1934. They had three children. He farmed and ran a small dairy near Sawnson store east of Lawton. He moved to Roswell, New Mexico and worked for several years as a farm equipment salesman for International Harvester Company. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles. He divorced his wife Illa (Bid) cagle in May 1964 and was married to Mrs. Lois McGuffin. She had three sons."

"He retired and moved to Rockport, Texas due to health problems. He had asthma and breathing problems. He did from a heart attack on Saturday morning, March 23, 1985 at his home in Rockport. He was buried in the Rockport Cemetery."

When Oliver and Bid got married, Rene Boggs and Perks Boggs signed their marriage license as witnesses. After they got married they went to the parents house of Rena Boggs, then Mr. and Mrs. Miller.
Cagle, Oliver Preston (I261)

1850 Census Record indicates Archibald and Nancy were living in Warren County, Tennesee and had four children living with them, George who was 7, Elizabeth (Rachel) who was 5, Virginia who was 3, and Ezekiel who was just 5 months. The Census also shows that Archibald was a farmer, he did not own any property and he and Nancy could not read or write.

1860 Census Record indicates Archibald and Nancy were living in Warren County, Tennessee and had six children living with them, George who was 16, Elizabeth (Rachel) who was 14, Virginia who was 12, Ezekiel who was 10, Joseph who was 5, Jacinth who was 3 and Milly who was just 4 months. The Census also shows that Archibald was a loborer, he owned $400 in personal property but no real estate and Nancy was a house keeper.

Between April 17th and May 20th, 1861 Tennessee seceded from the Union along with Virginia, Arkansas and North Carolina. That summer Camp Smartt was established and as the individual Civil War soldier's records show, on September 6, 1861 at least 15 of the Harrison and Hennessee brothers and cousins enlisted in the Civil War and on September 11th the Tennessee Mountain Rifle Regiment was organized. The Regiment changed names several times but finally came to be known as the 35th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. They served in the Regiment while it was called the 5th Regiment, Company "B" under the command of C M Forrest. These Hennessee and Harrison men included at least: Audley M Harrison and his brother Alexander, cousins J W and Samuel Harrison, his wife Nancy Hennessee's four brothers; James Sr., John Thomas, Patrick Scott and "Big" Thomas Jr., his wife's cousin and daughter's husband Archibald Hugh Hennessee, and Hennessee cousins Anderson L, George, James C, "Little" Thomas, Thomas L and James Jr.

Archibald's wife Nancy didn't know she was only a few weeks pregnant when Archibald joined the Civil War, leaving her home with six children under the age of fifteen with the youngest being just two years old. Archibald had been in the Civil War for about ten months, when he gets word that Nancy had complications during child birth, the baby had died and Nancy was not recovering. I can only assume this is why the Muster Rolls for July and August, 1862 indicate he is "Absent without leave" and on on July 9, his son George is granted furlough for 30 days and when he returns Archibald's Muster Roll dated July 17, states "At home and his son George in his place." Since this does match the time frame Nancy died, George could have gotten word of his mother's death, gone home for his mother's burial and then returned in his father's place to fight the war.

On January 16, 1863, George "Appears on a LIST of killed, wounded and missing, in Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps. A. T., in the batle of Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 31, 1862. This may be why previous books on the Harrison and Hennessee families have stated George was "killed in the Civil War". I obtained a copy of the original document and it further details "Slightly wounded in hip" and continues to show up on the Muster Rolls as "Present" through April of 1863. I was discussing this with Mary Elizabeth Barnes,

Archibald and John Authur Cunningham were first cousins and faught together in the Civil War. John was a Captian, but Archibald never got above the rank of private. There is a photograph of John Aurther pointing a pistol at Archibald which was taken in the late 1800s. The weapon in the photograph was last seen in the home of Nellie Hennessee Cunningham, as per an interview with Alford Hennessee. John Authur Cunningham is burried a Pecan Cemetery not far from Archibald's son Ezkiel and his wife Victoria Hennessee.

Alexander Daniel Hennessee was in my file and online on a few family trees, although I did not think he was Archibald's son. I found the birth date of 1863 online and 1858 in Hennessee Family History. Further research found this came from information that Alfred Hennessee gave to the writer of Hennessee Family History and Wiseman Family and Allied Lines which added his marriage to Nancy Turpin. Both books show Archibald Hugh Hennesse had a son Alexander, but they both showed different mothers. I didn't think he was born in 1863 because he wasn't on the 1860 census with the family and I have now contacted Alexander's grandchildren and they don't believe him to be Archibald's Son. However in 1870, Archibald's nephew Philander was living with them and he was born in 1858. The census is very faded and difficult to read. I was able to darken the image and enlarge it to see it was Philander and I can see how someone years ago could have mistaken the name to look like Alexander. There is a Alexander Hennessee who was born in 1863 who married Nancy Turpin, moved to Oklahoma, had several children, died in December 1898 and is buried in Grady Cemetery in Jefferson County, Oklahoma but his parents are not Archiblad Hugh Hennessee and Nancy Harrison.

While researching this I became interested in this story and wondered why Archiblad had some of his brother's children living with him. I had notes from ten years ago saying that I needed to do more research on Archibald's brother's family, William "Thomas" Hennessee and his wife Eleanor Nellie Hays, because it looked like they and some of their children all died in November of 1868. When I first found this information and saw so many women with children with no husbands, I thought Thomas could have died in the Civil War but they had children after the end of the Civil War. Here ten years later there are more online options available for searching and I just happen to find some of Thomas' children who I thought had died, living with their uncle Archibald Hughes Hennessee and other Hays, McGregor and Lawrence relatives. Thomas was always easy to find on a census because he lived within a few houses from Archibald, if not in the same house.

I found William Thomas Hennessee and his wife, Eleanor Nellie Hays, did die in November 1868 leaving six to nine children without parents. The children were: Philander who was 10, Willaim 9, Rachel 8, Elvina 6, Mary 5, Laura 4, Patrick 3, Phoeba 1 and Cornelia who was born the same year her parents died. I say leaving six to nine children because previous researchers did not see some of the children living with relatives and stated they died young. Mary Elizabeth Barns, who did the research for the Wiseman book, found some of what I found and states on page 415, "Thomas and Eleanor Hayes Hennessee were deceased by 1870 and their younger children were living with the Hays and Hennessee brothers and sisters."

1870 census for McMinnvile, Warren County, Tennessee shows Philander age 12, Alvira 7, Mary 8 and Cornella 2 living with their uncle Archibald and the 1880 census shows Cornella age 12 listed as Arcibald's niece. I found William, who was 11 years old, living with his mother's McGregor relatives, Laura who was 6 living with James Lawrence and Phoeba who was 5 living with Calhoun and Elizabeth Hays. I did not find Rachel Elizabeth or Partick so they could have died young as some books say and, there could have been an illness in the county that killed them and their parents or they could have even gone to live with other family members and are simply not easy to locate. The census also indicates Archiblad's fam is valued at $3,000 and personal property worth $600 and he can not read or write.

Hennessee Family Cemetery Memorial: Birth: 1821 Warren County, Tennessee Death: Jun. 10, 1884 Warren County, Tennessee
"Arch" as he was called is the son of: Patrick S. and Rachel (Wilcher )Hennessee. He served with Company "B", 35th Tenn. Regiment, C.S.A. Arch is the husband of:
(1) Nancy Harrison, d/o Audley Harrison. Married 1841, 8 children born of this first union: George, Rachel Elizabeth, Virginia A., Ezekiel McGregor, Joseph Thomas, Jacinth N., Millie N., and Alexander L. Hennessee.
(2)Mary Hayes, married Dec. 25, 1863, Warren County, TN., and 8 more children born this 2nd union: Nancy Elvira, Elender, Carrie, Wm. Patrick, Rosettia, Jas. Archibald and twin sister, Mary "Polly", and Sarah Phillips Hennessee. Shortly after the death of Archibald, Widow Mary Hennessee left TN and joined her stepson, Ezekiel McGregor Hennessee and others of the Hennessee family who'd moved on to Texas. Arch's date of death confirmed by his widow "Mary (Hayes) Hennessee's" Confederate Pension Application, #9342. Source: Tx State Archives. The application for pension was approved 22 SEPTEMBER 1902, Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas.

"Chancery Court Records, Book 1" (1847-1854), Pg. 484-486, George Harrison, Administrator of the Estate of Audley Harrison, Deceased vs.Joseph Harrison and others, states Archibald was named in his father's will.
Hennessee, Archibald Hugh (I455)

The Harrison Name: The Anglo-Saxon name Harrison comes from the personal name Henry. The personal name Henry arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066, when William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings, killing King Harold, the last Saxon King of England. It is of Germanic origin, and arrived with the wave of immigration that followed King William into England from continental Europe. The surname Harrison is derived from a diminutive form of the name, Harry. The name means "the son of Henry." Before the last few hundred years, the English language had no fast system of spelling rules. For that reason, spelling variations are commonly found in early surnames. Over the years, many variations of the name Harrison were recorded, including Harrison, Harrison, Harieson and others. First found in Lancashire where they held a family seat from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. The name Harrison in Ireland is either derived from settlers who arrived from England and Scotland in the early seventeenth century or from a number of native Gaelic Septs. The Sept O'hEarchaidh which was more usually anglicized as Harrihy and the O'hEarchadha Sept, more usually anglicized to Horohoe, both used Harrison as their Anglo equivalent.

To escape oppression and starvation at that time, many English, Irish and Scottish families left for the "open frontiers" of the New World with all its perceived opportunities. In droves people migrated to the many British colonies, those in North America in particular, paying high rates for passages in cramped, unsafe ships. Although many of the settlers did not make the long passage alive, those who did see the shores of North America perceived great opportunities before them. Many of the families went on to make essential contributions to the emerging nations of Canada and the United States. Research into various historical records revealed some of first members of the Harrison family emigrate to North America: Harmon Harrison settled in Virginia in 1607; 13 years before the "Mayflower," along with Easter Harrison in 1684; Edward in 1654; Elizabeth in 1650; Francis in 1643.

Thomas S. Harrison, Sr.'s middle initial "S" was documented by his American Revolution War Company Payroll dated 6 Jun 1779.

"History of Tazewell County, Virginia", volume 2, page 412, Annuals of Southwest Virginia by Lee Areston Summers, 1929: Registry of Marriages, Botetourt County, Virginia 1770-1853 indicates
Thomas Harrison married Hannah Dennis (1760-1830) on 7 April 1779. Their children include: Joseph, Thomas, James, Eleanor, Audley, Mary, and Alexander. Thomas' children by his first wife: John, Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah.
Thomas Harrison died at Tazewell County, Virginia in 1815. Will probated August 1815.

Shortly after Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. and Hannah Dennis married, they moved to an area of Virginia where there had been long standing problems with hostile Indians. The area was considered, at the time, The Southwestern Frontier. In 1790 the area, which lay North of the Clinch Mountains, became Wythe County, Virginia. Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. was apparently considered an inhabitant of that part of Wythe County because he signed a Petition for the formation of Tazewell County, Virginia between 1777 and 1778.

Early records of Tazewell County, Virginia reveal much information about the family of Thomas Samuel Harrison, Sr. He was one of the first County Commissioners. One of his roles as County Commissioner was to assign lots in Jeffersonville, which later became Tazewell County. Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. owned several lots of land in Jeffersonville, as well as land in the surrounding area. Records show that in 1805 Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. and Hannah deeded land to their son, Thomas S. Harrison, Jr. and his wife Rebecca Peery, who he married in 1802. In 1806 they deeded the land to Jonathan Peery, a relation to Rebecca.

Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. and his sons were evidently well known and respected inn the Tazewell County, Virginia area. Thomas S. Harrison, Jr, Edley (Audley) and Samuel Harrison, all served on a Grand Jury in Tazewell County.

On 9/11/1801, Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. was awarded a "ordinary license" allowed to sell rum and brandy.

Two documents found on Thomas S. Harrison, Sr., one of which is regarding his daughter Mary Nancy's death, state "Thomas Harrison, the Weaver". There is a strong possibility Thomas S. Harrison, Sr. was trained in the Weaver trade.

Revolution War Record;
Revolution War File # 702422, Original papers, AGO, War Dept. The National Archives.

Several Muster Rolls and Company Pay Roll shows Thomas enlisted on 20 Apr 1777.

Thomas was marked sick on the Aug.-Sept.1777 Company Muster Roll. (The Document doesn't give their location at that time). Did Thomas have Smallpox or only sick for a few days? (On the 11 of Sept. is when the Battle of Brandywine took place.) I THINK THIS IS WRONG, I DON'T SHOW HIM SICK ON THIS MUSTER ROLL.

Company Muster Roll, dated Jan.1777 remarks "promoted" on 1 Jan.1778, however his Company Pay Roll does not indicate an increase in pay.
Company Pay Roll dated Feb 1778, shows he made 8 . 3 dollars for the month.
Next entry, Company Pay Roll, Thomas is "Sergeant" and paid in Penn Currency.

Company Muster Roll, dated June 1778- 12 July 1778 states the Roll was dated at Camp Paramus New York.

Company Muster Roll, dated July 1778- Aug 1778 Camp White Plains, New York. Remark; "on guard."

Company Muster Roll, dated Aug. 1778- 2 Sept. 1778 states Roll is dated at Camp White Plains, New York.
Company Return dated 9 Sept 1778 - states Thomas had 1 year, 7 months and 11 days remaining for his service,
Company Muster Roll, dated Sept. 1778- 5 Oct 1778, states Roll is dated North River Robinson's Plains.

Company Muster Roll, dated Dec1778- 14 Jan. 1779, states Roll is dated at Camp Middle Brook and remarks: "on Furlough."

Company Muster Roll of Feb.1779- 4 March 1779, states, Roll called at Camp Middle Brook and remarks, "on Furlough" and the same for March-April 1779. These last entries are important because Thomas married Hannah Dennis 7 April 1779. This tells us Thomas was on "Furlough" when he married for the second time.

Notes: There is 45 Company Musters and Company Pay Rolls listed. There is 8 Company Pay Rolls where Thomas is a Sergent in Capt. Stroker Jones Company, Company of Col. Nathaniel Gists Regiment.( Interesting name Jones, Thomas' first wife was Hannah Jones).

Company Pay Roll dated April 1779, states he's pay is "10 Dolls" per month, but he is now being paid "L 3" in Virginia Currency.

Company Pay Roll dated June 1779, states his middle initial is "S".

Company Pay Roll dated Oct. 1778, Capt. Heaberd Smallwood is referred to as the "late" Capt. Capt. Smallwood has ether been killed or died of disease it appears, perhaps Smallpox as so many were down with it at that time).

The last entry in Thomas' record is dated Nov. 1779. His enlistment would have been over 20 April 1780.

There is no Pension papers for Thomas Harrison. He died before a Pension was available for Revolutionary War Vets.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) lists Thomas Harrison as Ancestor number A052288
As of 31 Dec 2010, 18 DAR applications had been submitted and approved, each proving Thomas Harrison is our ancestor and fought in the American Revolution.
DAR states Thomas Harrison's service was in Virginia and his rank was Captain and a Soldier under Captain Carmill in the Botetourt County Militia.
Service Sources:
- Kegley's Virginia Frontier, p 438
-Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War by McAllister, p 228
-Annals of Southwest Virginia by Summers, p 1393
-Seed Bed of the Republic by Stoner, p 128

DAR File # 460666 submitted by Edith Coats White on 7 May 1958 and signed in Washington D.C.
THOMAS HARRISON b: ca 1750, Augusta County, Virginia Augusta was crossed out by the DAR and Botetourt is written above, as Augusta County is now Botetourt County. This correction is not made on other DAR applications.
Thomas Harrison served as private, corporal and sergeant in Captain Smallwood's Company of the Regiment of Foot, commanded by Colonel William Grayson, July through Sept, 1777. He re-enlisted in January of 1778, and served in Captain Strothers Jones Company of Colonel Nathaniel Gist's Regiment. He fought in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Yorktown.
Thomas Harrison married Hannah Dennis (1760-1830) on 7 April, 1779. Their children included: Joseph, Thomas, James, Eleanor, Audley, Mary, and Alexander. Thomas' children by first wife: John, Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah.
Thomas Harrison died at Tazewell County, Virginia in 1815 and his will was probated in August 1815.
-A History of Tazewell County, Virginia Vol. 2, p. 412
-Annals of Southwest Virginia, Lee Preston Summers, (1929) p. 1482 and 1483
-Original papers, AGO, War Dept, The National Archives
-Previous DAR applications #305176 and #305340

Later DAR sources:
-Register of Marriages, Botetourt County, Virginia 1770-1853
-Harrison Heritage, Volume 1 No. 1, p. 113, (Ruth Harrison Jones editor and publisher, 1981)

DAR File # 840385 submitted by Laura Kay Davis Hooper submitted on 30 Sep 2005.
THOMAS HARRISON b: ca 1750, Augusta County, Virginia. The said Thomas Harrison who resided during the American Revolutionary at Botetourt County, Virginia assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Soldier, Virginia. DAR added "Capt".
Thomas Harrison of the 34th District, Botetourt County, Virginia, is listed as registered for recruitment in the Revolutionary War under an Act to recruit the State's quota of troops. Thomas was engaged at Brandywine, Germantown and Yorktown.
DAR added "Also Sol; Capt Carmill; Botetourt Co VA
-Seed Bed of the Republic by Stoner, p 122, 123 & 128
-Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800, Part 2, by Lee Preston Summers, (1929) p. 1483 Note was added by DAR "1393" which may indicate an additional page source.
-Tazewell County, Virginia Will Book 1, p 85. as per Wiseman Family & Allied Lines. National #804697. DAR added by Eugene M Wiseman and p 383.
DAR added additional sources:
-Kegley's Virginia Frontier, p 438
-Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War by McAllister, p 228

Bickley's History of Tazewell County, Virginia, Volume 2, page 412, states Thomas Harrison was engaged in the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Yorktown.

In the book " Virginians In the Revolution" page- 860, states, Gist's Regiment- Col. Nathaniel Gist; Captains Thomas Bell, Alexander Breckenridge, John Gist, Strother Jones, Samuel Lapsley, Francis Muir. Joseph Smith, and Major Nathaniel Mitchell. This is one of 16 additional Regiments organized in April, 1779

Grayson's Regiment; On the 16 additional Regiments (raised in April 1780). Colonel William Grayson (mentions other officers also) consolidated with Gist's Regiment 22 April 1779. This command, was at one time stricken with smallpox and many died. Also it is noted that an unusually large proportion were marked "deserted." (My note; I think the above date 1780 is a typo- how could they consolidate in 1779 if they were not raised until 1780? I think they were raised in April 1779 just as Gist's Regiment was).

Kegley's Virginia Frontier, Kegley, F.B., The Southwest Virginia Historical Society, Roanoke, Va. 1938. page 437
"In that part of the Forks community that remained in Botetourt County after 1778 there lived about sixty scattered families. In 1783 a list of the heads of these families was made with the number of horses, cattle, slaves and tithables attached. These men constituted Captain Cartmill's company of militia as reported to Col. Wm. McClenachan, Sheriff of Botetourt County. We have already learned where many of them lived in this community and will be interested in watching their movements as they progress towards the west."
"In 1770 the overseer of the road from Renick's place to Barclay's Mill was presented for not keeping the road in order. Benjamin Estill and David Smith were overseers from James River to Renick's from 1774 to 1777, succeeded by Wm. Bilbro. The old way across Poteet's Gap at Arnold's to James River at Stephenson's Ford was viewed by John Greenlee, John Gilmore and James McClure. James Mitchell was to keep in order the road established from his house to Anderson's Ferry. In 1780 Michael Ochletree was granted leave to build a water grist mill on Renick's Run upon his own land. In 1783 John Mills, John Cartmill and Michael Ochletree were appointed to view and mark a wagon road from the main road below Purgatory Creek crossing the river at Stephenson's Ford and down the river crossing at John Logan's and from thence to the county line. William Campbell was made overseer."
"Captain Cartmill's company was made up of men living on the north side of the James between the river and the Great Road and on Purgatory, that part of the Forks Community that remained in Botetourt County after Rockbridge had been formed."
Sixty-one men were listed as heads of households and they included Thomas Harrison, Joseph Dennis who was his wife's father, Elizabeth Jones who was his first wife's mother, Rasmus Jones who could have been another relative. I did not see the last names of any of the men who married Thomas' daughters.
Page 138 a list indicates the number of horses, cattle, slaves and tithables each man owned. In seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Virginia, the term tithable referred to a person who paid (or for whom someone else paid) one of the taxes imposed by the General Assembly for the support of civil government in the colony. In colonial Virginia, a poll tax or capitation tax was assessed on free white males, African American slaves, and Native American servants (both male and female), all age sixteen or older. Owners and masters paid the taxes levied on their slaves and servants. In 1783 Thomas owned 6 horses, 9 cattle, no slaves or tithables, Joseph Dennis owned 3 horses, 11 cattle, no slaves or tithables and Elizabeth Jones owned 2 horses and 2 cattle. Elizabeth was one of only two women listed as "heads of families" or "company made up of men".

Kegley's Virginia Frontier, Kegley, F.B., The Southwest Virginia Historical Society, Roanoke, Va. 1938. page 562
Thomas later settled land in West Botetourt County. "THE MASON'S CREEK AND FORT LEWIS COMMUNITY- The residents on the south side of Roanoke from the dividing ridge between Back Creek and the headwaters of Mud Lick and Raven's Creeks belonged to the Mason's Creek Community and to Captain Lewis's Company. The most important tract of land in that neighborhood taken early was 400 acres at Cave Spring granted to David Stewart, of Beverley Manor. Little
was done with this until 1790 when Esom Hannan purchased it from Richard Woods and his wife, Elizabeth Stewart, to whom it had been devised. Later entries were made in this neighborhood by William Brown, William Greenlee, James Neely, Jr., Thomas Harrison, William Love, Philip Love, Samuel Love, Humphrey Smith, Christian Frantz, Jacob Long, Thomas Cook, Jacob Gest and Jacob Short." It also lists a land grant Thomas got in 1792 on page 573, "Thomas Harrison-Grant, 100 acres on Craven's Creek, adjoining James Neely, Jr. Pat. Bk. 26, 521." and Thomas settled in the area without a horse or cattle.

Thomas is buried at Five Oaks Farm, located one mile from Dial Rock, were they lived.

Tazewell County was formed in 1800 from portions of Russell and Wythe counties. The new county was named for Henry Tazewell, United States senator from Virginia from 1794 until his death in 1799. Russell gave an additional parcel to Tazewell in 1807. Logan County, formed in 1824, took its territory from Tazewell. In 1835 a portion of Russell County was added to Tazewell, and in 1836 a single farm was transferred from Tazewell to Giles jurisdiction. The following year, in 1837 Mercer County was created from portions of Tazewell and Giles counties. Buchanan and McDowell counties took additional parts of Tazewell in 1858. After that Tazewell's boundaries reached their current position.

Quote from Eugene Wiseman: Tazewell County, Virginia Will Book 1, page 273 indicates the executors of Thomas Harrison's will were James Harrison and John Crockett and the witnesses were John Crockett, William Peery (Perry) and John Ward. Thomas' entire estate is to go to his wife Hannah. Upon Hannah's death the property is to be divided: To his children by his first wife: John Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison Edea, Mary Ervin and Hannah Asbury's children, fifty dollars each with Hannah Asbury's part to be divided equally among her heirs. The remainder of the estate is to be divided between "my last wife's children", Joseph Harrison, Thomas Harrison, James Harrison, Samuel Harrison, Eleanor Thompson, Audley Harrison, Nancy Gillespie and Alexander Harrison. Also named in the estate settlement were seven slaves: Sam, Dice and a child, Easter, Jude, Pompy and Nelson.

Tazewell County, Virginia Will Book 1, page 85-86 will signed April 10, 1815 and proved in August of 1815.

WILL Will Book #1 Page 84 IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I Thomas Harrison Sr. of the County of Tazewell and State of Virginia being
sick and very weak, though of sound mind and disposing memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that is appointed once for all men to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following that is to say;
first I recommend my Sole to God who gave it Worldly Estate that it hath Pleased God help me with I dispose of in the following manner that is to say I give unto my Beloved Wife Hannah all my Estate both real and personal during her natural
life and at her decease of my Executors hereinafter named and divided in the following manner: I leave my First Wife's Children Viz; John Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison......now Elizabeth Eda, Mary Ervin, and Hannah Ashbur, Heirs, $50.00 each.
That is fifty dollars to be divided equally amongst Hannah Asbury's Heirs being their mother's Heirs part; all the balance of my Estate I allow to be equally divided between my last wife's children, that is: Joseph Harrison, Thomas Harrison,
James Harrison, Samuel Harrison, Elenor Thompson, Edley (Audley) Harrison, Nancy --Other Fields INFO: Sr.

Order Number: G11-7519631E
Order Date: 10/31/06
Product: Compiled Military Service File
Total: $17.00
NARA Customer Service 1-86-NARA-NARA
Harrison, Thomas S Sr (I83)
72 A previous publication showed Margarett's maiden name as Atwood. Cassie Belle Harrison Bevis wrote to Fonda June Woods Bonner "Tom Hennessee's Grandmother was Margarett "Aunt Mag" Hennessee. He and Little George is second cousins. Cliftons - Lea had two brothers and a sister; (difficult to read possible Rice or Will?), Delph, Mag and Lee." Clifton, Margaret (I842)
73 A replacement tombstone placed at the foot of Audley M Harrison Sr's original tombstone in the late 1900's by Audley M Harrison Jr's descendants shows Elizabeth's birth year as 1804. I have been unable to find any other mention of this date. Dennis, Hannah Elizabeth (I458)
74 A Tape of The Harrison Quartette with Bill, Leon, Archie & Buster Harrison was played at Donald's graveside funeral services. The officiating minister was Reverand Jack Pilgrim from Sterling, Oklahoma and the funeral services were held by Hodge Funeral Home from Fletcher, Oklahoma. Harrison, Donald Ray (I390)
75 A tape of the quartet with, Bill, Leon, Archie Harrison and Wayne Rodgers was played at Archie's funeral.

Literary program Prarie Lee. Archie & Clarence was 21. Put on a program they wrote and put it on where they were colored people. One said to the other " watch yo full name, you mean my maden name." They put on a lot of movies there. They would practice and practice and put em on. Cassie (Harrison) Bevis 
Harrison, Archibald McFerian (I342)
76 A tape of the quartet with, Bill, Leon, Archie Harrison and Wayne Rodgers was played at Bill's funeral. Rodgers, William Dinwittie (I335)
77 A tape of the quartet with, Bill, Leon, Archie Harrison and Wayne Rodgers was played at Sherrie's funeral. Harrison, Sherrie (I347)
78 Added this marriage during conversation with Billie Harris Luse. Family F448
79 Additional contact person for additional family burrial lots 84 C, 84 D, 84 E, 84 F at Pecan Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma. Boggs, Karen Allene (I299)
80 Additional contact person for additional family burrial lots 84 C, 84 D, 84 E, 84 F at Pecan Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma. Boggs, Mary Kathleen (I301)
81 Additional contact person for additional family burrial lots 84 C, 84 D, 84 E, 84 F at Pecan Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma. Harrison, Walter Kieth (I304)
82 Additional information was added when D. A. Hennessee uploaded his updated information to the web in 2011 at www.thehennesseefamily.com.

David A. Hennessee can be contacted at info@classroomfurniture.com
Source (S17)
83 After Rachel's sister Parilee passed away, Rachel married Parilee's third husband, William Thomas Turner and she raised her sister's children Melvina Binkley who was born of Parilee's marriage to her first husband Frank Binkley and Rachel Dalton who was born of her second husband W N Dalton. Smith, Rachel (I1314)
84 Albert was Elizabeth's twin brother and died young at only six years old. Hayes, Albert (I1437)
85 Alma died after an operation for a ruptured appendix. Rodgers, Alma Gertrude (I151)
86 Although Daniel shows a son by the name of Alexander on many trees. This researcher believes this was his nephew, Alexander Hennessee, who was living with them after his parents died when he was a very young child. The 1870 Census of Warren County, Tennessee actually lists him as "Alexander Hennessee". Therefore this researcher removed the child "Alexander Wiseman" from this record. Wiseman, Daniel Thomas (I864)
87 Although Dar file number 840385 indicates Alexander's birth date as 6 Jun 1798, I left the birth date of 17 Jan1798 as the preferred birth date because 6 Jun is also Audley's birth date and therefore may be a typo. I will check future DAR files and documents to confirm. Harrison, Alexander (I98)
88 Although some online sources list Greenberry Hays as William's first child, this researcher has not been able to locate any proof for this information. I did locate a Greenberry Hays listed as the head of household in the 1830 Census in Warren County, Tennessee who was born between 1800 and 1810 and would be the same age as William's first children and there is a 9 year gap between the birth of William's first child to the birth of his second child. He has a wife on the census who would be the same age and a daughter under the age of 5 years old. It is possible this Greenberry Hays is William's son but he could also be a nephew.

Hayes, William M Sr (I1404)
89 Although Victoria's parents names are not listed on the 1910 Census, it does indicate their places of birth. Unknown, (I764)
90 Although Victoria's parents names are not listed on the 1910 Census, it does indicate their places of birth. Unknown, (I765)
91 American Civil War Soldier Record indicates William served in the Confederate Army. He enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant and was commissioned in Company G 13th Infantry Regiment for Alabama. Source record 425.

1910 United States Federal Census Record for Liberty Precinct, Tishomingo County, Mississippi indicates William B. and Lou T. gave birth to 7 children and are living with all 7 of their children. The census states every person in the home did farm labor, with the exception of the youngest 7 year old child, although census records of this time usually indicated the wife was a house wife or kept house. It also shows no one in the family had been out of work in the previous year. The census indicates William, Louisa, and their son George could not read or write, however their children John, Jacob, Artie, William R. and Virtie could read and write and George, Jacob, Atrie, William R., and Virtie were attending school. Due to notes the census taker made on the census record, it is difficult to tell if the farm was owned, rented or mortgaged. The last section of the census shows William was survivor of the Confederate Army.

1920 United States Federal Census Record for 3rd District, Tishomingo County, Mississippi indicates William B and his wife Louisa M are living with six of their children George W, J Nash, William R, Virtie M, Early R and their daughter Artie L Cagle with her two young children Oliver P who is 5 and Marquis K (Kermit, who's first name is pronounced Markus). The census indicates Artie was widowed, however it was known by her children, Oliver and Kermit and by her grandchildren and step-grandchildren that Artie's husband William Columbus Cagle did not die at that time. Artie could have been trying to hide from him. It was said that William Columbus Cagle later tried to cause trouble for Artie, he later remarried and he had other children. The census also shows William B was born in Alabama and it is unknown to him where his parents were born. William B, Louisa M, their son Early could not read or write, however the rest of their children could read and write, but no one in the home attended school that year. It also shows the family rented, William was a farmer who was working on his own account and George W, J Nash, William R and Early R were also working on the farm for wages.

1930 Faxon, Comanche County, Oklahoma Census indicates L. T. (Lou) is living with her sons George and Rylie and her two grandsons Oliver and Kermit Cagle. It is believed William B. Glasgow passed away prior to this census since L. T. Glasgow indicates she is widowed.

William B Glasgow's Civil War Pension Index indicates William served in the Alabama Confederate Army, he was invalid on July 8, 1899 in Mississippi, Louisa was widowed on March 24, 1925 and in Oklahoma at he time she applied. 
Glasgow, William Balis (I915)
92 Another researcher noted John's birth year as 1706.

Wiseman Family and Allied Lines (Eugene Wiseman, 1991), Page 320 states John was married three times, Sarah Giles was his first wife, he had children by all three wives and all eight of his sons served in the American Revolution. It also indicates John had at one time owned about 1500 acres on both sides of Ballenger's Creek in Fluvannia County, Virginia.
Bybee, John Sr (I235)
93 April 12, 1898, Obediah went to Forney, Kafman County, Texas, possibly visiting his father who moved there from Tennessee. He wrote Laura, his wife, a letter from there on this date. Juanita (Clower) Kirby Wells has this original letter.

Deleted: 1890 Census Piney Township, Texas County, Missouri. I don't know where I got this information. I usually don't put in a Census record unless I have it. I could not locate it... In case it comes up again.

1900 Census indicates Obediah was living in Morris Township, Texas County, Missouri with his wife Laura and 4 children Ulysses, Alta, Cassie and Belle, they could all read, however Laura and Alta could not write. It shows Obediah and Ulysses were farmers and they rented their home.

There may have been an illness in Texas County when Obediah passed away because Obediah and Laura had a 6 month old daughter who died just 2 months before Obediah and he was only 38 years old.

After Obediah passed away Laura let a man have hold of her property he sold it and moved her out to Cabool MO. Alph and Liss found a place at Claude called Hat Top Mountain east of Duncan and they sent for her and she came with the younger children with the exception of possibly Alta who married in Bado. Cassie Harrison Bevis

Received from Marie (Jones) Bradley need to locate original record. Source and notes have not been added to each child:
Texas County Birth Register 1883 - 1890 Books 1 & 2 Transcribed and compiled by Edward & Millie Preissle for the Texas Co Missouri Genealogical Society, 1983 pub.
reg. # B2-161 HARRISON,..... 24 Oct 1887........ F - 3rd child.......Piney Twp.....attended by L. B. Laws MD of Stanford. father -- HARRISON, Obe B.......farmer.......24yrs...........b Tennessee mother--HARRISON, Laura.......24yr.........b. Missouri
Reg# B2-485, HARRISON.....21 Aug 1889......F - 4th child..........Morris Twp......attended by L.B. Laws MD of Stanford father--HARRISON, Obe B.....farmer.......27 yrs.........b. Tennessee mother--HARRISON, Laua........27 yrs.........b. Missouri
Harrison, Obediah (I274)
94 Archibald and Elizabeth were married by Thomas S. Meyers, Justice of the Peace. Family F441
95 As per Billie F (Harris) Luse: Son of: Archibald H. & his 1st wife, Nancy (Harrison) Hennessee. aka: "Pid", married (1) Oregon Ira Jarrett, 26 Dec. 1872, Warren Co., TN., d/o Barney Pratt & Melissa Ann (Morrow) Jarrett. Children born to Pid & Oregon: Nancy Virginia, James Barney, Laura A. & twins Melissa Belle & Melissa Delle Hennessee. "Pid" m. (2) Josephine "Josie" English Gilliland, 20 Mar. 1883, Van Zandt Co., TX. Children born to Pid & "Josie": Alexander Jasper, Wm. Archie, Josephine, Nora, Elizabeth & Grace Hennessee.

Known to me as "Uncle Pid". He was the 1/2 brother of my grandfather: William Patrick Hennessee. William was the son of Archibald H. & his 2nd wife, Mary (Hayes) Hennessee. William remained close to all his 1/2 bros. & sisters in TN and after their move to TX and then to OK.
Hennessee, Joseph Thomas (I672)
96 As per Carol Denise Foster Land. About thirteen days prior to her death, the decision was made to place her in a nursing home in Comanche, Oklahoma, near her daughter Lorene, her daughter Maybell had been caring for her.
Maybell's husband was being treated for cancer, when she asked her siblings for help in caring for their mother, they went behind her back and placed Alta in the nursing home. Alta was very frail and didn't like the place. She felt as if she had been thrown away, she wouldn't eat or drink. She cried alot and no one could console her. I was fifteen when she died, what is so very sad to me is that Maybell always felt guilty and thought that her mother died angry with her for putting her in the nursing home, and she had nothing to do with the decision. 
Harrison, Alta (I276)
97 Audley B Harrison's daughter Laura E Harrison's Obituary indicates on 7 Feb 1927 she was survived by 3 brothers living in Missouri. Harrison, Audley B (I310)
98 Aunt Sally took the children after Nancy died. George and Henry were living with her when Henry died. Harrison, Sarah Sally (I878)
99 Baron calls Alex G.W. -Fonda June Woods Bonner Bonner, Alexander George Woods (I1123)
100 Betty Jo died at age 15 of phenomena Webb, Betty Jo (I5)

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