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Harrison, Audley M. Jr.

Harrison, Audley M. Jr.

Male 1842 - 1902  (59 years)


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Settlement of the Estate of Richmond McGregor

Settlement of the Estate of Richmond McGregor is important to our family research because it list the heirs Audley Harrison as well as Richmond and Mary Mears GcGregor.

The legal document lists: William McGregor, Alfred McGregor, Philip McGregor, Sarah McGregor, William Stiles and wife Mahala Stiles, formerly Mahala McGregor, Thomas Hennessee and wife Nelly, formerly Nelly Hays, Calhoun Hays, Mary Hays, Elvira Hays, Jerome Hays, and Luther Hays, the last five named persons, minors under the age limit of twenty one years, and who are children of Elvira Hays now dead, the wife of William Hays and the daughter of said Richmond McGregor, John Grove and wife Sophronia, formerly Sophronia Harrison, Daniel Wiseman and wife Nellie, formerly Nellie Harrison, Harrison Smith and wife Virginia, formerly Virginia Harrison, Archibald Hennessee and wife Nancy, formerly Nancy Harrison, Frank Smith and wife Millie, formerly Millie Harrison, William Jennings and wife Julia, formerly Julia Harrison, Patrick Hennessee and wife Hannah, formerly Hannah Harrison, Alexander Harrison, Audley Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Mary Wiseman, Nellie Wiseman, George Wiseman and Henderson Wiseman, Narred McGregor and wife Nettie, formerly Nettie Harrison, Joseph Harrison, Audley Wiseman and Elizabeth Wiseman, all of who are heirs at law and distributees of Audley Harrison.

Research is currently being done my Mary Elizabeth Barnes in Warren County, Tennessee to verify if the last of the first paragraph is actually Richmond McGregor or Audley Harrison.

Also, it does not make sense legally that Audley sold 76 acres to Rodgers and Mitchell, Rodgers and Mitchell sold it to Richmond McGregor and the court would say Audley's heirs would be responsible for Richmond's debt AND Richmond's heirs have the 76 acres. Hopefully we can locate the original document for this case because it seems something was wrong with transcribing in the past.

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